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Founded in 2007, Sabre UK Ltd. is a boutique management consultancy and provides bespoke services to clients to guide them through the journeys in Asian markets, India and China in particular, and Asian clients to succeed in Western countries.

 Our multinational team consists of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge at senior levels across industries in Europe, North America, India and China and core specialties in major management disciplines ranging from corporate strategizing, operational efficiency improvement, Lean Principle implementation and supply chain management. Committed to delivering genuine sustainable benefits, we take hands-on role in each project to ensure solutions are not only developed but also implemented to generate desired values for the clients.

In China and India, we have offices where local teams are on the ground providing essential day-to-day service and support. The founder, Mr. Roger Mackrill, BSc Mech CEng, FCQI, worked as senior management in nuclear engineering, aerospace and automotive industries in the UK, Europe and US and spent over 20 years in India in senior management positions in both international and Indian companies. During his time in India, Mr. Mackrill was actively involved with various managerial and trading institutions at regional and national levels. Ms. Janet Shu acquired MBA from Warwick Business School in the UK specializing in marketing and supply chain management. As an experienced professional in business strategy development, Janet has worked for Australian, British and Chinese companies at senior management levels before joining Sabre as a partner.

As the major growth engines for the world economy, India and China present enormous opportunities as well as challenges for organizations that seek sustainable growth in the global market; likewise, European market presents great potential for Asian companies seeking international presence and growth. Drawing upon the abundant and in-depth experiences and expertise of our team in Western and Eastern cultures, we are able to deploy the niche and unique skills in helping clients understand the cultural differences and develop customized solutions suitable for the target markets. We believe in mutual trust and partnership, and work with clients from the very beginning to create solutions and become part of the management team to lead the projects. Being a third party to the client enables us to bring in fresh vision and deal with managerial issues from different perspective. Over the years, we have successfully brought about tangible results and lasting values to clients in aerospace, automotive, commercial refrigeration and health care industries across a broad range of areas:

Our services

Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan Development

Target market analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, environmental forces and strategic uncertainty analysis, marketing strategy formulation…

Business Partner Identification and Selection

Define potential partners, conduct due diligence for selected sources, select the right partner, develop implementation plan for setting up JV…

Operational Efficiency Enhancements

Supply chain and logistics management, lean Business Principle implementation across the organisation, quality Management…

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We facilitate the clients fulfilling their aspirations in Asian market by providing complementary expertise, building mutual trust and working in partnership. 

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