Adande is an innovation-driven business based in Lowestoft in Suffolk UK. It was founded by two engineers initially as HVAC engineering consultancy specializing in industrial ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning for the offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Their refrigerated drawer system for catering industry is the first innovation, is fully commercialized and has won various industry awards for innovation and sustainability. The Adande drawers are valued across a wide range of restaurants in fine dining, quick service restaurants (QSR), and educational institutions in the UK, Europe, Australia, America, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.

Sabre has been working with Adande since 2010 when the senior management was seeking professional outside inputs on identifying a licensed manufacturing partner and marketing the product in India. Against Adande’s requirements, Sabre carried out research in connection with Indian local team and shortlisted potential candidates; due diligence was conducted and visits to potential partners were made by Sabre and Adande senior management. Sabre was involved at the next stage in setting up the manufacturing facility in India, which was designed based on Lean principle to maximize the efficiency and minimize waste. In line with the same principle, Sabre worked with Adande team and re-organized the production line in their UK factory.


When the India facility had been in production for some time, Sabre was asked to review their current supply chain structure and re-design a total supply system which has sufficient flexibility and agility and integrates European and Asian suppliers, Adande and Indian licensee partner. An integrated supply chain has been a great contributor to effective connection between the suppliers around the world and, and the timely supply of Adande products to the customers. At the time, Sabre was tasked to identify a partner and set up a marketing office in India, which laid the foundation for establishing a presence to market the product in the local market. The products have been sold to a number of premium Indian hotels and started gaining recognitions in the industry.

Having established a presence in India, Adande decided to gain some understanding about the potential of Chinese market. Similar entry strategy was adopted to find a qualified licensee. Sabre was trusted to undertake the project. Sabre team, in connection with local Chinese associates, approached a number of Chinese companies, including the commercial refrigeration department of one major Chinese company with global operations. This company showed great interest in the product and was willing to potentially work together with Adande. During one and half years’ period, various meetings and negotiations were organized and facilitated by Sabre between senior management of Adande and the Chinese company. However, due to a major re-organization program across the Chinese company at the time, the project was paused.

Sabre still provides ongoing consultancy services to Adande ranging from leadership training, supply chain optimization, quality management and operational efficiency improvement.